Helen lacks the Guide

Helen was in a panic. Confronted at the funeral home with choices, she had no idea of what Harry would want. How much could she afford to spend? She knew bills were already piling up at home, but she didn’t know his online passwords. Worse yet, her son reminded her that taxes were due, and the taxman might not be interested in her grief. In addition, she didn’t know:

  • How to get cash into their checkbook
  • Where financial records are kept
  • How to handle investments
  • How to go about downsizing
  • Whom to call if the lights go out
Mary has a Guide

Mary, too, was in deep shock at the funeral home, but she knew Frank had left her instructions in a Guide. She had relied on him for the past 45 years, and now would be no exception. She had only glanced at the Guide he had prepared, but she knew it would advise her on obtaining information in their computer as well as (most importantly) whom to trust for advice. And she knew it would help her know:

  • How to access their money and to learn about her new financial situation
  • The location of paid and unpaid bills
  • Which accounts and credit cards to cancel and which not
  • How to get rid of stuff
  • Which charitable pledges are unpaid

Will the people you love know where to find the information they need when you leave them? Complete a Guide, and they will.



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